Thursday, November 7, 2013

NFL Week 10 Picks...With Horatio Caine

This week we are fortunate to have fictional character Horatio Caine from CSI Miami fame with us. Cain does two things well, solve crime and pick games. And he's all out of crimes. It'll be short and to the point and it is important to imagine him looking off into the distance and then putting his sunglasses on at the end of each pick. Take it away, Horatio...

Eagles +1 at Green Bay
"As I look at this game I see one big problem. Green Bayyyyyy....doesn't have their quarterback. And they're gonna need one." YEAHHHH   Eagles 27 Packers 23

Bills +3 at Steelers
"The Steelers were smoked by New England last week...and where there's smoke...there's fire." YEAHHH
Bills 26 Steelers 24

Raiders +7.5 at Giants
"The verdict may be in on these teams. But the out." YEAHHH
Giants 30 Raiders 20

Jaguars +12 at Tennessee 
Horatio: "How many players are on the Jaguars, Frank?
Detective Frank: "45. Why?"
Horatio: "Because.... that's exactly how many body bags we're going to need here." YEAHHH
Titans 23 Jags 16

Rams +9.5 at the Colts 
If you can't pass the ball in the National Football're as good as dead. And these Rams...are 6 feet under." YEAHHH
Colts 31 Rams 17

Houston +2.5 at Arizona
This match-up may look like a train wreck on paper...but this was no accident. The NFL schedule makers... have struck again." YEAHHH
Cards 17 Texans 14

Redskins -2.5 at Minnesota
"Both teams want to win what we have established motive." YEAHHH
Skins 28 Vikings 27

Bengals -1.5 at Ravens 
"It looks like the Ravens have been left for dead...or maybe...they are just really, really tired." YEAHHH
Bengals 20 Ravens 10

Broncos -7 at San Diego
"If throwing touchdowns is a crime, and I'm pretty sure it is, Peyton Manning just became public enemy #1." YEAHHH
Broncos 34 Chargers 31

Cowboys +7 at New Orleans
"Well, well, what do we have here? It's time for some interrogations, because these Saints...are no choir boys." YEAHHH
Saints 38 Cowboys 35

Seahawks -6 at Atlanta 
"Seattle may be the suicide capital of the country...but this will be a case of the first degree. No wait...second degree." YEAHHH
Seahawks 24 Falcons 20

Dolphins -3 at Tampa Bay
"There's only one city in Florida that matters...and it doesn't rhyme with Bampa Tay." YEAHHH
Dolphins 16 Tampa 9

Lions pick'em at Bears
"Jay Cutler has gone all stabby stab stab on the Bears' dreams  for years...and it ends now." YEAHHH
Lions 34 Bears 28

Panthers +6.5 at San Fran 
"Carolina is the hottest team in the league and will give the Niners all they can handle...What? I can do real analysis, too. When San Fran goes read option, Carolina will respond by blitzing the A and B gaps..." YEAHHH
49ers 27 Panthers 24

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