Thursday, November 15, 2012

NFL Week 11 Picks, Plus Favorite Quotes from "Revolution" That Were Never Actually Said

So, there's this new show on NBC called Revolution. If you've heard of it, please excuse this brief description: the power went out all over the world and SHIT GOT REAL. Many of our East Coast friends can more than relate to this right now. On "Revolution," no one knows how or why the power went out, but the world becomes an apocalyptic wasteland over the course of 15 years and grass grows really high, because lawn care was the first thing to go.

I've only seen one episode (as far as you know), and was unimpressed with this fairly obvious attempt to rip off elements of "The Hunger Games" and "Lost." Not that I'm fan of "Lost" - those last couple of seasons were an abomination. Hey, let's spin a big wheel and move the island! Brilliant!

Anyway, this particular episode revolved around a group of misfits with surprisingly stylish hair saving a Peter Pan like crew of kid rebels. It was all very "A-Team." The lead actress, Tracy Spiridakos, is hilarious. She walks around with a bow and arrow that should say "Katniss" on it and acts every scene with her eyes (clearly a graduate of the esteemed Tyra Banks drama academy).

As I watched this new show, I kept hoping for certain lines of dialogue to be said, and they were not. This disappoints me to no end. There were some great one-liners that were out there ready for the taking, and they just drifted away into the dark, dark world. I've done this once before with Hawaii 5-0, and I will do it again here. Here are some great lines that should be said in "Revolution," but most probably won't ever be, and that is a tragedy:

"Well, of coursed I'm pissed, I haven't listened to my Ipod in 15 years!"
"It may be dark around the world, but I see a light in your eyes, girl."
"Just look at all those Pop Tarts...and not a working toaster to be found."
"I knew my degree in candle-making would pay off someday."
"You hated me on Lost. Hate me again
on this show."
"Hey honey, I'm home from hunting, what's on TV tonight...dammit, I keep forgetting!"
"Man, I sure wish people in the 2000s had conserved energy better. Those bastards."
"I used to love the sunset. Not anymore"....(sheds tear)

"Let me go, and I'll give you my DVD
"I so wish I could tweet what an A-hole you're being right now."

"Look, we can either make out or join the revolution,
we can't do both."
"Listen kid, there was this thing called Pandora and you could listen to all this music online, but then this other thing called Spotify came along and...ahh forget it, it's not gonna make sense."

"No, I'm Rizzoli, she's Isles, get it straight!" (crossover episode)

"Looks like (removes sunglasses)...someone dimmed his lights for good." (special guest appearance by David Caruso).

Week 11 NFL Picks
Buffalo -2 over Miami
Washington -3.5 over Philly
Green Bay -3.5 over Detroit
Arizona +10 over Atlanta
Tampa -1.5 over Carolina
Cleveland +7.5 over Dallas
Saint Louis -3 over Jets
Indy +9.5 over New England
Cincy -3 over K.C.
Oak +5 over N. Orleans
San Diego +7.5 over Denver
Baltimore -3.5 over Pitt
San Fran over Chicago

Last week: 5-8
Season: 56-61-2

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